How to Prevent Candle Tunneling

Have you ever bought a candle and it tunneled? Tunneling is when some of the wax on the side of the candle does not melt. This can happen if the candle was extinguished before the full top layer of wax was melted. It happens. We all live busy lives these days and end up needing to put a candle out we just lit because of kids, pets, to sleep, or because we have places to go. Ceiling fans are notorious for causing candle tunneling as well because the moving air makes the candle flame dance around. Even the biggest candle brand companies experience this. 

I recently read an article on an easy hack to fix the tunneling and make sure you don't have any wasted wax in your candle. They used tin foil! Apparently if you wrap tin foil around the candle jar and create a small lip around the top edge around the jar and relight the candle, it will cause the heat to melt the wax from the sides and even back out into the other melted wax. Game changer! 

Do you have any candle care hacks that you use to get the most out of your candles?

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