How long do soy candles last unused?

Hello, it's been awhile!

I decided to write a blog post after a discussion I had with a customer today. I was asked how long would soy candles last. I've always gone by the typical year. However, I decided to research a little more and found that soy candles last for two years with a lid. If soy candles are not covered with a lid, the top layer of wax will lose its scent after a year, but the wax further into the candle will remain for two years. The same goes for wax melts. It's also common for candles and wax melts to change colors over time, but it does not affect how the candle smells or burns. It just happens due to soy being a natural product. 

This is good news for wholesale and private label customers who may be buying a large stock of inventory for their business.

It's also good for retail customers to be aware of. I mean how many times have you bought a candle and it was months or even years before you used it, and thrown it away as soon as you lit it because the scent wasn't very strong? I'm guilty of it. 

The more you know!

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