Wax Melt Refills for Online Customers

Hello! It's been awhile since I've written a blog because we have been so busy the past few months!

I'm writing to announce we are extending wax melt refills to our online customers! You do not need to return your jar. Everyone who has previously ordered wax melts online can now enter a code at checkout to receive a 50% discount on our leaf wax melt refills. The system will automatically recognize that you ordered a jar of wax melts previously. 

Directions to Order and Other Info:

💚 Add "Leaf Wax Melt Refills" to cart in each scent you prefer. 

💚 Enter Code "WaxMeltRefill" in checkout. 

💚 You will still be responsible for any tax and shipping costs. 

💚 You will not receive a new wax melt jar. Wax melts will be in a biodegradable ziplock bag. 

💚 Customers who have not previously purchased Leaf Wax Melt jars will not be able to use the code.

💚 There is no limit to how many times you can use the discount code. 

💚 Discount code cannot be used in combination with other discounts. 

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