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Hemp Wick Candles

Candle Business Mentoring

Candle Business Mentoring

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I've had many people reach out to me who want to turn their candle making hobby into a business, or want to start making candles to create a business. The interest has compelled me to start one on one mentoring. Each session will be a 1 hour phone call or zoom meeting focused on one aspect of candle making. Wax melts will be included in these sessions. Carved candles are an advanced candle making art form and that workshop is available separately.

You can purchase the corresponding session that is right for you or, buy all of them in a bundle and we will schedule them weekly. The weekly bundle includes an extra session for additional questions (15 weeks), and equates to $30 per session instead of $50. The weekly meeting can be purchased alone as many times as you need to feel comfortable after purchasing the other sessions, but will only cover the previous session you purchased if you did not purchase the bundle. Ex: You purchased the wick testing session by itself. You can then purchase the additional session if you need more help, but we will only discuss wick testing. If you purchased the bundle, we can discuss any of the subject matter per each additional session you purchase.

I encourage you to take notes in each session. You will basically be creating your own business plan with each session. 

If you have no candle making experience at all, it is best that you purchase the bundle as it will save you time and money in the long run.

For any questions before purchasing email Gloria at or call 440-536-4147.

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