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Incense Kit

Incense Kit

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All-natural plant incense are made from the highest quality wood punk, are hand scented with high quality fragrance oil (FO) and or essential oil (EO) and cured for a minimum of 24 hours.


This kit includes (10) approx. 4 inch incense sticks that are wrapped in wax paper with a scent identifier sticker, 2.28 inch brass Lotus shaped incense burner with 6 holes for different size incense sticks in a 5x7 inch drawstring Garza bag.


Burning time is approximately 15 minutes.


WARNING: Do not use regular sized incense in mini Lotus incense burner due to ash discharge! Mini Lotus Incense Burner is for mini incense sticks and cone incense ONLY! Ash may fall outside of incense burner.

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