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Hemp Wick Candles

Mobile Candle Bar for Businesses

Mobile Candle Bar for Businesses

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Want to offer something different to your customers without them feeling like they are spending too much? Want to pay for a service without being locked into a contract? Why not try a mobile candle bar?

Call 440-536-4147 or email to book!

Here's how it works:

Your business would book us on the day/month of your choosing. (Subject to availability, first come, first serve). We currently only book one business a month so that we can offer this service to more businesses. 

Your booking fee would cover the cost for your customers to make a candle of their choice at no cost to them (please estimate customer volumes when booking). Estimating customer volume can be achieved by looking at historic sales reports. We ask for an estimate of customer volume to determine pricing and supplies. If for some reason you experience a higher volume of customers than you estimated on the day of your event, we will stay and serve your customers until we run out of supplies. There will be no extra charge to you or your customers. There are no refunds for lower customer volumes due to supply costs. Customers will not need an appointment to make a candle. It will be first come, first served.

You can choose from carved candles or scented candles. Carved candles do involve some extra time to set up and breakdown. This shortens your overall candle making time, but is the most popular choice among customers. Scented candles do not require as much set up or break down time and will give you the maximum candle making time. On average you would get 4 hours of candle making time for carved candles and 6 hours of candle making time for scented candles. Typically we can make 4 to 6 carved candles per hour, and 10 to 15 scented candles per hour. We can do themed scented candles tailored for your business event, such as wine or beer candles, or Holiday themed candles. 

We do require having access to two electrical outlets, access to running water, and at least a 10x10 space to set up. We can accommodate outdoor events if they meet electrical and water requirements, and a shaded area is provided. The business will be required to supply seating for their customers. 

Low Sales Volume Business - $500 for 8 Hours 

- Low volume businesses typically experience less than 3 customers an hour.

Medium Sales Volume Business - $1000 for 8 Hours

- Medium volume businesses typically experience 5 to 10 customers per hour.

High Sales Volume Business - $1500 for 8 Hours

- High volume businesses typically experience more than 10 customers per hour.

Pricing includes set up and breakdown of equipment, breaks, and candle making time. There is a travel fee for Businesses more than 30 miles away.

There are no refunds for cancelled bookings, but you can reschedule your event for our next available date at no cost. If we must cancel for any reason we will reschedule your event at no cost. A secondary date is always chosen when you book your original date.


What types of businesses would benefit from this experience?

- Bars

- Restaurants 

- Wineries 

- Distilleries 

- B&B's and Hotels 

- Campgrounds

- Farms 

- Non-profit Events

Great for customer appreciation events! 


Why should I pay for your experience instead of just offering you free set up and you charge each individual for the experience?

In today's economy customers are looking for the most value for their money. If you offer our candle bar experience to your customers for no additional cost, they will likely spread the word, feel appreciated, and most importantly, come back. For us it has become uneconomical to sit at a pop up event and barely make back what we put into attending the event (supplies, time, gas, etc.). And unfortunately, ticketed events don't get the same interest as they used to due to financial, date, and time constraints experienced by customers.

Why tiered pricing?

We decided on tiered pricing so that we could offer this experience to more businesses. As a small business ourselves, we recognize that advertising and getting customers in the door is a huge struggle. Its 75% of the battle actually. Customers love free products and experiences. Financial barriers should not prevent a small business or non-profit from offering great experiences to their customers, and customers shouldn't feel as if they are being nickle and dimed at every turn. 


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