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Hemp Wick Candles

Wax Hands

Wax Hands

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Wax hands are finally here! Wax Hands are a quick, fun, and unique experience for adults and kids alike. Only takes a few minutes. You can choose a hand position you like and pick what colors you would prefer. Price includes up to 3 colors, a stand, and an electric tea light. Hands are hollow.

Please note, wax hands are not candles but the tea light lights up the hand. No flame required. Darker colors struggle with the tea light shining through. Plain White, Pastels, and Neons light up the best. Neons and white are black light reactive.

Due to the heat of the wax we only allow children ages 5 and up to dip wax hands at this time. Children under 5 tend to be more sensitive to heat. 

How to prepare:

Make sure hands are clean and fingernails are not too long. Do not use any lotion, oil, or scented products on hands one hour before appointment. Make sure you remove jewelry and watches before dipping. Make sure you have no open wounds or rashes on your hands, wrists, or arms. Also make sure you are not taking any medications that make you sensitive to heat or cold. Do not attempt if you have poor blood circulation, or are sensitive to hot, cold, or rapidly changing temperatures. Do not use paraffin if you have lost feeling in your hand or foot, such as from diabetes (diabetic neuropathy). Do not attempt if you are allergic to paraffin or any products we use to prep your skin. Ask staff member for ingredients.

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