About Us


Hemp Wick Candles ™ uses organic unbleached cotton wrapped hemp wicks in their candles to prevent soot and the release of chemicals into the air that are suspected to be unfavorable to children, pets, and allergy sufferers.

We use 100% organic soy wax grown in the U.S.A, and premium fragrance oils. Almost all of our fragrance combinations are blended together in house to create unique scents that invoke memories of our past and good times. Hemp wicks increase candle burn time as well. Our candles burn for 60+ Hours, and our Wax Melts last 10 times longer than average Wax Melts. We are also one of few left in the United States that make carved candles. 

In an ongoing effort to remain as sustainable as possible, we are also transitioning into making our own concrete jars for our scented candles. This will allow us to operate as an affordable luxury candle brand and keep costs down for our amazing customers.

Hemp Wick Candles ™ is a veteran spouse and woman owned company that originated from a 24 year hobby. Our company aims to remove the stigma on hemp products, educate the public on its environmentally friendly properties, and make our place in the luxury candle brand world.