We have complied a list of frequently asked questions to assist our customers in ordering.

What is hemp? 

Hemp is made from a cannabis sativa plant and contains less than 0.3% THC. It may or may not contain CBD, depending on how it's grown.

So what are hemp wicks? 

Hemp wicks are made from plant fibers found in the stalk of the plant. These fibers are used to create rope, clothing, wicks, and other textiles. They do not contain THC or CBD due to how they are grown.

Is there marijuana in your candles?

No. Marijuana is a cannabis sativa or indica plant that contains more than 0.3% THC that has a psychoactive effect. Federally and in some states, it is illegal. Please search the 2018 Farm Bill for more information on the difference between hemp and marijuana. 

Will I get high off your products?

No. Our products do not contain THC or CBD. No THC or CBD is disbursed into the air when using our products. 

Can I smoke the candle wick?

No, it's hemp rope wrapped in organic cotton and dipped in wax for use in burning candles only. 

Is there hemp in your wax melts or candle wax?

No. Our candle wax contains 100% soy and candle/wax melt approved fragrance oil. Wax melts do not have a hemp wick as they are meant for use in wax warmers. Our fragrances are paraben and phalate free. 

Is there hemp in your other products?

Yes, some of our bath and body products contain food grade hemp seed oil like you can buy from the grocery or health food store. See product descriptions for ingredients. 

Do you use a hemp wick for carved candles too?

No. Hemp burns hotter and is better for scented candles. Carved Candles require less heat due to being unscented, and to keep from ruining the design. They contain a regular organic cotton wick, or the oil lamps have a special fiberglass wick that doesn't burn down. 

Will hemp products help with any of my ailments or make me fail a drug test?

We are not medical professionals, so we cannot answer those types of questions. We ask that you direct all medical related questions to your medical team before purchasing. 

Do you carry any CBD or THC products at all?

No, not at this time. 

Do you make your own wicks?

No, you must have a special license to grow hemp. We purchase our wicks premade from a reputable candle supplier in the United States.